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Relationship & Marital Therapy
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I work with couples with a wide range of problems on improving the quality of their relationships.
I create a safe environment where couples can explore frustrating patterns in their relationships, work through their specific conflicts, and deepen trust.
I use practical exercises and techniques to helps couples improve relationship skills and decrease patterns of relating that cause frustration and emotional upset.
I teach couples how to express feelings constructively and how to listen compassionately in order to increase mutual understanding.
I help couples create a healthy balance between togetherness and independence and work out many types of conflicts such as: sexual difficulties, power imbalances, monetary struggles and family conflicts.
I do intensive work with couples by looking at each partner's intimacy issues as seen in their prior romantic relationships and their childhood experiences. This enables each partner to come to a greater understanding of him or herself and to participate in the relationship with enhanced romance, and greater enjoyment and intimacy.

I provide the following services for couples:

Relationship & Marital Therapy
Pre-Marital Counseling
Separation & Divorce Counseling

I work in Couples Therapy with the following treatment goals:

Improving Communication & Assertiveness
Learning Conflict Resolution Skills
Deepening Trust
Decreasing Power Imbalances
Enhancing Emotional & Sexual Intimacy
Resolving Individual Barriers to Intimacy


Noah Oderberg, Ph.D.
5435 College Avenue, Suite #201
Oakland, California 94618
Phone: (510) 428-0111